Design grooved piping systems with new GRINNELL Mechanical Suite for Revit

Tyco Mechanical Products will be going to launch new GRINNELL Mechanical Suite for Revit.

The GRINNELL Mechanical Suite for Revit deals with pipe like pipe and draws perfect grooved piping systems by applying GRINNELL grooved products that is not contained in standard AutoDesk Revit software. There are powerful tool sets which will enhance productivity because the users will get the ability to accomplish important pipe design functions inside a virtual, smart model.

The users will be able to design grooved piping systems with these GRINNELL Mechanical Suite for Revit.

It offers the following exclusive features :-

Load Grinnell Pipe Types, Valves and Accessories:

Instantly choose and load any GRINNELL product from the U.S. or EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) catalogs into a project. With a single mouse click, it becomes easier to generate a pipe type family with GRINNELL grooved products. GRINNELL Mechanical Suite for Revit facilitates the users to choose from different pipe standards and coupling types for rendering pragmatic design as well as generating a more perfect bill of materials (BOM). The software can produce exact LOD 500 fabrication level content with couplings gapped for specific/indicated pipe lengths.

Fitting and Piping Tools:

Insert Coupling: Instantly modify coupling types when required and insert among two selected fittings.
Rotate On Pipe: Smoothly rotate families at different degree with a selected pipe as the rotation axis.
Mechanical Tee: It allows you to affix a branch line to a main devoid of rupturing the pipe.
Arm Over: Easily track hindrances by choosing a pipe and a location for the branch to tee up and elbow off the chosen pipe.
Fitting to Fitting: Eliminate a piece of selected pipe among two fittings as well as link them.
Split Pipe: Split pipe and add couplings amid indicated pipe lengths.

Schedules: With schedules for both pipe fittings and pipe valves/accessories that record all GRINNELL products, it is possible to maintain perfect BOM whereas saving significant time and cost.

The GRINNELL Mechanical Suite for Revit enhance the capabilities and efficiency of AutoDesk Revit 2016 and 2017 at the time of designing grooved piping systems.

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Design grooved piping systems with new GRINNELL Mechanical Suite for Revit