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Global Parameters - An exclusive new feature of Revit 2016 - R2


This Revit video will guide you making your design superior with Revit as well as make Revit 2016 as an indispensible tool for the architect, engineer or seller. The video specifically focuses on a new feature called Global Parameters in Revit 2016 - R2.

Revit 2016 R2 contains various new features and advancements. The students as well as Autodesk Maintenance and Desktop Subscription customers can only access these features for Revit 2016 software releases.


Global parameters: Global parameters convey the benefits of parametric families into the project environment to fulfill the objectives of the design in a superior way. The global parameters can be developed on the basis of a single project file which is not allotted to categories.

The global parameters can be applied to input the value of a dimension or a constraint, relating to an element instance property to put its value, or report the value concerning a dimension, in order that the value is applied in the equations of other global parameters.


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Global Parameters in Revit 2016 - R2