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Enhancements with Rebar Constraints in Revit 2016

Autodesk Building Solutions presents a great learning video with Autodesk Revit 2016. In Revit 2016, there lots of crucial improvements with the Rebar Constraints dialog which range from interactivity with a view, the aptitude to zoom and pan meanwhile in the dialog, graphical selection of constraint targets, constraints to sloped faces and the capability to offset covers from elements.

With superior rebar rebar constraints tools in Revit 2016, it is now possible to adjust the model view during editing of cover settings. Besides, the users now will be able to choose cover references graphically. Rebar offsets can be stipulated corresponding to cover as well as the host object.


All these improvements enhance the effectiveness and model definition perfection over and above facilitate the reinforcement being updated perfectly on the basis of any premeditated modifications which can make the designs harmonized and precise.


Watch the following youtube presentation.


Enhancements with Rebar Constraints in Revit 2016