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How to edit various components in AutoCAD electrical 2016

Gus Petrikas provides some useful tricks for AutoCAD electrical 2016 users to modify the property of a component once the drawing is completed


Generally, the user will edit the components individually with the help of edit component command. But if the user deals with any large project, this process may be laborious. In order to speed up the process, the user has to edit all the components simultaneously through excel. The steps are given below :-

  • Check the components for revision. In this tutorial, Gus has selected the rating of the following circuit breakers for this purpose.
  • Opt for the Import/Export Data tab available in the ribbon and choose 'To Spreadsheet' option.
  • Go through the drop menu and select the proper data category that should be exported. Here you have to select components.
  • Afterward, select the desired format. It is suggested to select .xls format as it can easily edit the exported file.
  • After that, select the files that will be comprised in the spreadsheet and press OK.
  • You will now receive an exported spreadsheet having detailed Component information. Open the spreadsheet and make required changes
  • Save and exit.
  • Return back to the Import/Export Data tab and select From Spreadsheet.
  • Choose whether the modifications should be reflected to the Project or the Active Drawing and press OK.
  • The drawing will now automatically present the new, updated component values.



For detailed tutorial, click here.


AutoCAD Electrical 2016 tutorial


AutoCAD Electrical 2016 tutorial