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EasyDimension a revit add-in useful for auto dimensioning

EasyDimension is a useful add-in within Revit that can be applied for auto dimensioning. It is the only dimensioning tool that contains pipes and ducts. EasyDimension tool facilitates the construction professionals to include dimensions for all detectable or chosen components in a view for diversified categories. The construction professional can apply dimensions to all wall, lines, pipe, duct, cable tray and conduit elements in present view easily and efficiently. One can get rid of the time consuming process for including dimensions manually. All general view types like plan view; elevation view; ceiling view and 3D view are supported by EasyDimension.

The component having location curve and the direction of location curve is perpendicular with the view normal direction can be dimensioned.

In order to include dimension for all visible elements in present view, just choose the category where the dimension should be applied, then select "Add Dimension". For applying dimension for selected elements, choose the category to include dimension, then click "Add Selection". Presently, only dimension for sole component supports 3D view.



EasyDimension a revit add-in useful for auto dimensioning