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Download NBS National BIM Report 2014

The fourth NBS National BIM Report focuses on how UK building design professionals are becoming so accustomed to the application of BIM. The report reveals that lots of buildings in UK are being constructed with BIM. BIM transform the method through which a architect collaborate with the information pertaining to a building.


The report is considered to be an essential document for UK construction professionals, architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors and manufacturers begin with BIM or just imitating to adopt BIM and policy makers.


The essential part of the report:

  • The most updated statistics for BIM practice and consciousness.
  • The industry's judgment on the Government's policies toward movement to BIM .
  • Various users of BIM technology and their appraisal .
  • Study of BIM and the smaller practice.
  • Expert opinion sections.


Key judgments:


  • Responsiveness of BIM is now nearly worldwide.
  • In the previous year 54% have utilized BIM no less than one project - 15% greater than in 2012.
  • The Government's 2016 deadline is attainable.
  • 93% of those who are already familiar with BIM, consider they will be a steady user of the software in three years' time (by 2016).
  • A significant portion of active BIM users confirm that they have attained 'level 2' BIM.
  • Implementation of BIM results in competitive advantage.
  • Smaller practices are far away from their larger competitors.


Downloadable link:


Download NBS National BIM Report 2014