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The Design Professionals can improve their designing skills to great extent through AutoCAD Certified User exam

Autodesk certifications are great resources for a design professional as it can provide industry-recognized credentials to their professional careers. By undergoing these certification programs, the design professionals can improve their skills and knowledge with accelerated professional development, better productivity, and superior trustworthiness.


In order to make the exam preparation process successful, one can join a course at one of the Authorized Training Centers of Autodesk and get some supports with Official Preparation Materials.


The AutoCAD Certified User exam consists of both academic and industry requirements that facilitate the AutoCAD users to acquire the skills essential to make an attractive design careers while attending the college, going into the workforce, or heading for supplementary levels of industry certification. The exam includes 35 questions with multiple-choice and performance based items so that the students can understand as well as apply AutoCAD efficiently. For getting more updated, visit

The AutoCAD 2014 Certified Professional exam caters to evaluate the knowledge of professional users regarding the various toolset, attributes, and common tasks of AutoCAD 2014. The exam will continue for 2-hours (in some countries, the time limit may be expanded). Discover an Autodesk Certification Center at


One can appear for each certification exam up to three times in a 12-month period.


In order to have more updates on the Autodesk Certification Program, visit


Certified User exam:


  • AutoCAD 2011-2014 course (or equivalent) plus.
  • 50 hours of hands-on application.

2014 Certified Professional exam:


  • AutoCAD 2014 course (or equivalent) plus .
  • 400 hours of hands-on application.


The Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC®) program is a global network comprised of professional training providers who provide a wide array of learning resources. This training program can provide great assistance for preparing yourself for Autodesk Certified Professional exam and product training course at one of these centers. To find an online ATC locator, visit


C ASCENT (Autodesk Official Training Guides) and Wiley (Official Press) publish the certification exams. These guides are applied by Autodesk Training Centers, and can be accessible for direct purchase in different formats from and

The students and educators can avail free software, learning materials, and classroom support from the Autodesk Education Community. Get more information at


Schools can become Certiport® Centers to provide the Autodesk Certified User exams in their classrooms. For more information, contact Certiport at


To apply for a Certified Professional exam, find an Autodesk Certification Center:


For getting more updates, visit


The Design Professionals can improve their designing skills to great extent through AutoCAD Certified User exam