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The contractors can make their coordination process better by creating displaced view in Revit 2016

Tod Stephens from presents an exclusive Revit training video for Revit users. This Revit video will teach you how to generate displaced view in Revit 2016.


Displaced views are applied to represent the relationship that model elements contain with model entirely.


Displaced views are identical to exploded views, but these are more adaptable as they offer the deposition of opted elements or all elements. This tools is obtainable in a 3D or perspective model, at the time of choosing one or additional model elements.

With Displaced View in Revit, the contractors will be able to generate an exploded diagram concerning building components, details or other aspects associated with the model where additional details are required.


The displaced elements can provide a greater picture or view of the details, and can be further refined through the proper annotation while arranged side by side with the customary details on a sheet in the plan set.

By injecting these types of information into the process, the contractor can get better view of the quantities, coordination effort and construction sequencing.


Get the new features in Revit 2016 for contractors.



creating displaced view in Revit 2016