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CADsoft Consulting is launching an exclusive event on Progressive Building and Design Technology


SolutionsCADsoft Consulting Inc, a recognized leader in executing design and construction technologies, officially launched CADsoft University in Tempe, Arizona, a convention where architecture, engineering, and construction professionals will meet and exchange new practices for employing design solutions.


The CADsoft's award-winning technical team will conduct the event. The event will commence from January 13, 2016 in Phoenix and from February 18, 2016 in Albuquerque.


This exclusive event will focus on two sections which involve Infrastructure & Design and Building & Construction, with the elementary theme of "this is what the future will be, but you can do this now." The technical team will analyze the three stages of a civil engineering project which include planning and collection, design, and output-all through the Infrastructure & Design portion of the day through presentations on Autodesk products like Autodesk Infraworks 360, Autodesk ReCap, and Autodesk 3ds Max.


The Building & Construction portion will teach generative design, virtual reality for design review, handheld laser scanning for as-built design and building energy observance for facilities management.


CADsoft's technical team also demonstrate mapping 3D models and snapping photos via drones, together with the "Living City Project," a concept that will facilitate specialists to familiar with AutoCAD software's sound capability to visualize realistic demonstrations of whole cities.

Autodesk gospeller Lynn Allen will conduct a lunch session to focus on the "Future of Making Things," an epoch of technological movements and ruptures in building design and construction that advance rapidly.


In order to get more information on this event go through the following link AEC industry specialists who want to participate with the event can register here for Phoenix ( and here for Albuquerque (