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Daikin UK has introduced a CAD and BIM plugin for Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit software to simplify the schematic design process


Daikin UK has developed a CAD and BIM plugin alias VRVCad for Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit software.


VRVCad can quickly produce a schematic diagram of Daikin aided-design CAD & BIM objects. This CAD software guarantees VRV systems to fulfill building requirements at all design phase. Besides, it also minimizes the cost of the project.


One can access Daikin UK's CAD & BIM objects in 2D format. With the integration of the VRV Xpress software rules and limitations, one will be able to verify the designed system that fulfills installation requirements concerning pipe length with some easy to follow processes.


To simplify & accelerate the HVAC design procedure, Daikin air conditioning units can be overlaid on to a building schematic. With the implementation of BIM, the feasibility is significantly minimized over ordering equipment like piping.


The designers and specifiers can obtain Daikin's BIM objects at free of cost and can complete time consuming drawings of system schematics simply. The software is abided by the EN378 legislation, devoid of undertaking any calculations. So, the installer and end-client can get rid of errors as well as ensure that the established air conditioning system is abided by all the important legislation.

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CAD and BIM plugin for Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit software