BricsCAD V17 is launched to enhance the functionalities for BIM, Sheet Metal Design, CAD & 3D Modeling

BricsCAD V17 is just launched with some advanced features. Currently this latest CAD software supports Windows platform and available in English language.

BricsCAD V17 is a complete, DWG-native 2/3D CAD program that can manage professional 2D drafting, 3D modeling with push-pull functionality, sheet metal design, and BIM (Building Information Modeling). This CAD program integrates all these focus areas in a .dwg file format.

BricsCAD V17 offers intuitive “push-pull” modeling capability to facilitate the users to model fluidly that can be performed in SketchUp. BricsCAD V17 is supported with Direct Modeling (explicit modeling) workflow. BricsCAD V17 is available in Classic edition, BIM edition, and Sheet Metal Design edition. There also exists the Communicator edition.

Given below, some improved features of BricsCAD V17

BIM: BricsCAD BIM edition contains new full IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) support (certification), superior direct modeling, and automatic cataloging of model elements. IFC 2×3 coordinated view V2 is supported. A single DWG file can contain one site and several buildings. Live sectioning is supported and the program can automatically create 2D sections demonstrating all building materials. It is combined with Chapoo to facilitate the mirroring of the BIM geometry and data on your desktop through a related version in the cloud.

There are many new features in the BIM edition of BricsCAD V17. A new Structure Panel helps you see the organizational structure of the BIM model. Section views—cuts through the BIM geometry model—now allow the ability to specific section depth and limit how much information is shown in the section. Associative dimensions respond to changes in the model space (with the BIM geometry model) to the generated drawings from the BIM model.

Now it is possible to produce rooms in a new and different method. Just click a point within the room area and the surrounding walls describe the room, or you can choose a 3D solid and it turns out to be the volume for the room.

Sheet Metal Design: For the Sheet Metal Design edition, BricsCAD V17 includes parametric form features that function like virtual forming tools to rectify a sheet metal blank. It contains a library with the most commonly applied form features like bridges, louvers, and embossed features.

Sheet Metal for BricsCAD V17 allows the users to import or generate, rework, clarify, and export sheet model parts by applying 3D direct modeling (e.g., explicit modeling as opposed to parametric, history-based modeling). With direct modeling feature, the users don’t have to restart the models from beginning after a CAD modeling failure.

Other significant enhancements comprise of Flange Bends, a new command that will help the users to bend a present flange along a line with a specified bend radius. While importing geometry from other CAD tools, BricsCAD V17 Sheet Metal Design edition identifies bends which are generated improperly and resolves them automatically. Loft bends also obtain a feature validation function, convincing users that the bend can function properly.

BricsCAD V17 is launched to enhance the functionalities for BIM, Sheet Metal Design, CAD & 3D Modeling
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