Blaszt Beta, an exclusive BIM software for architects

Blaszt, a new BIM software for architect that is still in beta testing phase. The software is expected to be launched later this year.

Blaszt is created on the Unity gaming platform and it can instantly and easily convert complicated Revit files/models into a completely immersive and simply obtainable gaming-based interface for desktop and headset virtual reality maintaining all the data out of the original model.

Architectural, structural and MEP files are amalgamated to produce walk through and fly through surroundings, devoid of any special software or training required to navigate. The software offers some good advantages like ease of collaboration, visual conflict resolution and note–adding capabilities, whereas product, materials and design information can accessed instantly along with quantity surveys.

Blaszt facilitates the architect to apply these tools for efficient workflow management, to monitor and distribute data as well as simply and instantly work together with stakeholders during the construction process.

Blaszt is inviting participants into its Beta phase which launches in April 2017. Architects can sign up into the beta testing phase (going to launch in April 2017) and immediately use the software to undergo the benefits and capabilities for themselves, all with no obligation.

Blaszt Beta, an exclusive BIM software for architects