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BIMCreate, an exclusive design tool for Architects

Otis Elevator, globally recognized biggest manufacturer and conserver of people-moving products for buildings, including elevators, escalators and moving walkways, has just introduced BIMCreate. It is an online tool useful for architects to generate customized files necessary for building plans as well as incorporate the most superior elevator technique into their projects.

BIMCreate was designed to act as a free add-in for Revit(®) building information modeling (BIM) software. The architects can use this design tool to generate adjustable, configured & perfect 3D Revit® files to be used in their project rather than choosing from pre-existing templates in the software. Besides, this BIM tool can read building heights out of the architect's model.

The users can save huge time and enhance the perfectness concerning vital dimensions. The architects can also undertake decisions for effective structural analysis toward primary elevator components like hoistway walls, pit depths and overhead requirements as well as offering elevator specifications concerning separate projects prior to build-up in the jobsite. In this way the building & their elevator systems can be constructed jointly and consistently.

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BIMCreate, an exclusive design tool for Architects