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BIMcollab is the first ever issue tracking sytem for BIM projects


KUBUS, the recognized distributor for Graphisoft as well as Gold Partner of Solibri Inc, just unveiled the launching of a new revolutionary product alias BIMcollab®. This BCF supported & cloud based comprehensible issue tracking system for BIM projects is compatible with ArchiCAD, Revit and simplebim.


This newest BIM application reduces the gap amid various BIM tools and aims at the multidisciplinary cooperation involving companies dealing with construction projects. BIMcollab® will be effective to handle issues all through the design and construction stages where BIM is already in use. BIMcollab® consolidates issue management in the cloud and makes the procedures simple by providing a planned method for accumulating, sharing and managing issues


As for example, if any problem is detected with Solibri Model Checker or BIMsight, it can be published to BIMcollab®. The BIM modeller will receive automatic notification and immediately hunt for the problematical objects in his BIM authoring tool (Revit, ArchiCAD, etc) instantly. BIMcollab® can find out a solution for the issue and resolve it in quickest possible tie and point out to the BIM manager.


The users can access BIMcollab® from any remote location and from any gadgets ranging from mobiles and tablets. BIMcollab® also facilitates generating issues by snapping photographs immediately at the jobsite of construction. The real-time connections result in offering the latest information.


The users can access the complete version of BCF managers together with the BIMcollab® at free of cost.


BIMcollab® will be available for commercial usages in the first week of December.


BIMcollab is the first ever issue tracking sytem for BIM projects