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WPL Publishing to Sponsor ‘BIM Roadmap 2012’ Three-Part Webinar Series

3rd April 2012

WPL publishing soon will kick off a three-part webinar series that will focus on how building information modeling (BIM) and other information technology tools are evolving to help contractors, owners, and others in the construction community achieve productivity gains.

This year’s BIM Roadmap lineup includes the following 90-minute webinars: “Concept-to-Startup: Using BIM Tools, BIMStorm, and Related Technologies to Get Projects Off on the Right Track,” which will take place April 10; “BIM Models and Information Technology in the Field -- How Contractors and CMs Are Leveraging Project Data During Construction,” which is scheduled for April 17; and “Project Close-Out and the Transition to Operations & Maintenance for Maximum BIM Benefits,” which is set for April 24. Each webinar will begin at 1:00 p.m. (EDT). To register either for the entire series or individual webinars, visit

During the “Concept-to-Startup” webinar, instructors Kurt Maldovan of Balfour Beatty Construction and Onuma Inc.’s Kimon Onuma will show webinar attendees how the BIM process works and what tools are available to facilitate a collaborative process to optimize project design and transition to construction startup. Attendees will learn what the best times are to convene a team, what skills are required for team representatives, how to use overlaying concept plans with live data from Google Earth, what the BIMStorm concept is and the role it plays, and other information.

“BIM Models and Information Technology in the Field,” presented by Benjamin Crosby of Yates Construction and Lend Lease’s John Jurewicz, will cover the transitions that project managers must make in their own management and administration processes, what new skills they should anticipate learning, and how the jobsite communication and documentation process will evolve. Webinar attendees will learn about clash detection, 4D scheduling, fabrication, and other types of BIM tools that are available. Additionally, attendees will be able to grasp how the “cloud” applies to the field, solve technology issues involving job-wide WiFi, and identify real-time “as-builts” and “punch-list” applications.

Navigant Consulting Inc.’s Jay Dougherty will present the “Project Close-Out” webinar. With federal agencies and private owners increasingly requiring Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBIE) or COBIE-esque close-out requirements, this webinar will explore some of the critical planning steps for owners and why it is necessary to start planning for the transition at the project concept stage, monitor progress during design and construction, and capture best practices upon close-out and turnover.

At the conclusion of each webinar, there will be an interactive 10-to-15 minute question-and-answer session addressing relevant topics.

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