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How BIM is considered as an effective software for error-free construction design

BIM alias Building Information Modeling generates models which are packed with lots of information useful for all the phases of building information. BIM is based on the concept of lean design and it accelerates the construction design process by minimizing the wastages of time and resources.

BIM unfolds various channels for effective communication amid the board of all disciplines related to constructing a building. Besides, it integrates both the graphical and non-graphical data concerning a building into a single model. The project team members can easily detect the issues and challenges and resolve them prior to actual commencement of the building construction. The transparency in the communication system results in understanding the several design components in a better way.


BIM maintains effective collaboration among all the project stakeholders and thus generates multidisciplinary design.


BIM empowers the contractors, architects, interior designers, and engineers to coordinate their vision in real time for the successful completion of the project.


BIM efficiently reduces the gap linking the design and the actual construction. BIM records all the vital information and analyze them intelligently so that it reveals how the building would be used and how the sustainable structure would be created.


While transmitting the design intent to the project team members in the form of project handovers, 3D illustrations help in understanding the design and enforcing processes as a result. The project stakeholders who are unable to read the detailed and complicated 2D blue prints, will get the ability to understand the design throughout 3D visualization.

Besides, creating the design of the buildings, BIM can also be used for quantity take offs, cost estimations, construction activity scheduling as well as preparing sustainable design.


BIM with its broad approaches, facilitates architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, fabricators and developers to work in tandem and transform the design from conceptual to final stages according to plan.

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