BIM Assure 1.2 is launched for advanced building information

Invicara, the leading transformative solutions provider for building information modeling (BIM), just launched BIM Assure 1.2, with some advanced features for crating BIM data validation and reporting more convenient and speedy.

BIM Assure refers to a cloud solution that facilitates the whole project team to collaborate for making data quality in BIM models superior.

The newest tools in BIM Assure 1.2 allows the users to instantly edit data and distribute information with people who don’t get access to BIM.

The intelligent rules of BIM Assure facilitate the users to rapidly recognize and settle problems to optimize BIM quality and adjust the rectifications back to the source model. Besides, the user-friendly Web app offers a common BIM environment that facilitates the architects, engineers, contractors, and owners (AECO) to distribute models and regulate data as well as make new scopes to simplify the design and construction workflows and make project delivery efficient.

Given below, some exclusive features of BIM Assure:

• Element Data Editing: Unlatch building information and produce new workflows to edit model data and resolve issues directly in BIM Assure and accomodate the updates back to Revit.
• Element Reports: Generate comprehensive reports on model data in Excel to facilitate allocating information with other people and systems.
• Data Slices: Generate a focused set of model elements to make model navigation and data reporting simple.

• Interactive 2D Views: Make communication better by giving access to building plans and data in interactive 2D views. It is possible to choose elements in a 2D view and highlight it in the 3D model.

Basepin’s LOD-based contracts stipulate what model data is actually necessary and how it can be utilized. With BIM Assure, it is possible to examine models against decided LOD requirements and generate LOD reports. BIM Assure facilitates to make sure that models contain the proper information by minimizing RFI’s and delivering a superior project handover.

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BIM Assure 1.2 is launched for advanced building information
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