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Autodesk unveiled 2016 Design & Creation Suites with cloud compatibility

Autodesk just introduced 2016 design suites which will improve the quality of your designs through various desktop and cloud application.


Autodesk design and creation suites come with some wide array of extended toolsets and exclusive interoperability.


Autodesk Suites focus on the complete workflow that range from procuring reality and replicating the design, to create that design concretely via 3D printing or other forms of fabrication.


Every suite consists of AutoCAD 2016, ReCap and 3ds Max. AutoCAD 2016 is the most improved version of AutoCAD that generates rapid as well as more accurate thorough design & documentation through sound visual perfectness. Autodesk's ReCap technology includes more native scan formats, brilliant measurement toolset, superior annotation and sync features which can transform reality computing to a higher state of approachability and attainability beyond the suites.


Design Professionals who belong to AEC and natural resources & infrastructure sectors will be able to experience advanced software functionalities through robust cloud services and adaptable subscriptions options.


Given below some exclusive features of the design suite :-


  • Building Design Suite provides better software performance as well as interoperability concerning visualization, clash detection and detailing.
  • Infrastructure Design Suite offers combined workflows amid preliminary engineering and the detailed design stages, superior co-operation through expanded data exchange facilities, improved project organization tools and advanced software coordination with reliable user interfaces.
  • Plant Design Suite offers crucial improvements to AutoCAD Plant 3D together with deep amalgamation with Autodesk Vault and addition of Navisworks models as reference models at the time of creating models as well as involvement of AutoCAD MEP to model electrical raceways and ductwork.
  • There are also lots of benefits for the manufacturing industry with the expansive technology to design, engineer and fabricate products through new and advanced functionalities for modeling, simulation and fabrication. The company is introducing new Autodesk AnyCAD interoperability intended for any third-party design files, and Autodesk 3D Print Studio, on the basis of Spark open 3D printing platform, which directly incorporates additive fabrication into the Suites workflow.
  • Product Design Suite: Besides, AnyCAD and 3D Print Studio, 2016 product suite facilitates advancements for visualization, electromechanical design, data management, superior simulation and provides subscription access to the cloud-based Autodesk Fusion 360.
  • Factory Design Suite: The processes for transforming CAD assets out of 2D to 3D have been significantly enhance with higher preciseness and competence. The factory customers can get an enhanced workflow for combining point cloud data from laser scans.
  • Digital artists, film makers and gamers will be greatly benefitted with these toolset to deal with the whole production system, specifically while collaborating with multi-discipline teams disperse over various locations.
  • Entertainment Creation Suite: Some crucial advancements are made to animation performance, accessibility, content formation, collaborative and connected workflows.


Autodesk product suites and desktop subscription products are deeply incorporated with Autodesk 360 cloud services. Subscription customers can avail the extra cloud services like more rapidly rendering and visualization aptitudes, simulation, analysis and collaboration tools.


The users can also get access to the new Autodesk Account, a bespoke and user-friendly portal to allow them for tracking and administering all Autodesk products, services, and benefits under one umbrella. Customers will have a uncomplicated installation, management and upgrade experience, compliant payment terms, and wider access to various devices.


Now the users from Asean region can avail Autodesk 2016 Design. For getting more updates and pricing availability, visit


Autodesk unveiled 2016 Design & Creation Suites with cloud compatibility
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