AutoCAD 2017 Instructor An exclusive ebook by James Leach

James Leach, the renowned Professor Emeritus of Engineering Graphics, has written an exclusive e-book alias AutoCAD 2017 Instructor for worldwide cad users. Jim has published several journal and magazine articles, drawing workbooks, and textbooks about Autodesk and engineering graphics instruction. The book is specifically designed to enhance your AutoCAD knowledge. The book is useful for the users who are undergoing an instructor-led course or learning independently.

The book is presented in a well-thought-out and easy-to-understand manner and provides expansive exposure of AutoCAD in a structured, easy-to-comprehend manner. Similar to AutoCAD, this book is also command based. All the Chapters are arranged with associated commands.

The chapters are categorized with basic drawing commands and skills and then proceeds with more in-depth methods as well as specialized applications. The writing style presents little information described in simple form, and then on the basis of that knowledge provides more complicated drawing strategies. All the commands, features, and ideas are supported with more than 2000 figures.

There are tabbed pages which facilitate to find out tables, lists, appendices, and the wide-ranging index.

Some exclusive features of this book:

Extensive exposure of AutoCAD 2017 commands and features
Command Tables specify location of every command as well as how to begin each command
TIP markers in the margin offers vital tips, notes, reminders, short-cuts and recognize what's new
Comprehensive chapter that deals with various multi-chapter REUSE problems
Perfectly matched with a two or three course sequence

Online Resources - While going to buy AutoCAD 2017 Instructor, one will get two free exclusive bonus chapters by redeeming the unique access code available in the inside of the front cover. These bonus chapters involve block design, the tool pallets and express tools. One can avail chapter exercises drawings and supplementary student questions at free of cost.

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AutoCAD 2017 Instructor  An exclusive ebook by James Leach