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Access over 1+ million MEP products for Building Information Modeling (BIM) through MagicCloud


Progman recently introduced new MagicCloud online BIM library that contains more than 1 million MEP products for Building Information Modeling. In this BIM library, there will be over 200 products from prime manufacturers with complete, perfectly dimensioned and extensive technical data and 3D models.


MagiCloud refers to a free online browsing library specifically designed for MEP designers and engineers to avail a wide range of high-quality BIM products for their projects. MEP professionals will be able to acquire technical data and intelligent BIM objects for more than 1 million products which can be utilized directly in their projects.


Designers can instantly choose from the components as per their needs as well as download them into their Revit, Revit MEP and AutoCAD projects. One can download over 50,000 products at free of cost.


With the amalgamation of the complete database online, MagiCloud facilitates the designers to cooperate efficiently with teams throughout the entire build and reap the advantages of Building Information Modelling toward any comprehensive building project.


MagicCloud contains the following exclusive features :-


Europe's biggest collection of high-quality MEP products having dimensions and complete technical information, in an easily explorable format.

Free downloads over 50,000 products from prime manufacturers like FlowCon, Frico, Giacomini and Systemair.


MagiCloud Windows Manager facilitates the user to arrange the downloaded product directly to their Revit or AutoCAD project.


Download various manufacturer Plugins to be utilized in Revit. Plugins unite manufacturers' product selection and calculation software directly with Revit or MagiCAD so that product selection becomes speedy, simpler and perfect.


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Access over 1+ million MEP products for Building Information Modeling
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