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The Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC) has developed a BIM toolkit package for the effective BIM implementation


With the support of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies, the Canadian Construction Association, the Construction Specifications Canada and The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, The Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC) has formulated and launched a set of practical documents alias BIM toolkit package which involve project planning toolkits, contract language and practice manuals useful for AEC firms to employ BIM in their projects successfully.


The BIM toolkit package focuses on a procedure, sort of a linear sequence, or a template, which will be considered as guidance for BIM implementation.


The BIM toolkit package is segregated into three major sections ranging from design development, construction management and facility management handover.


The toolkit contains a wide array of instances to reveal the diversified applications of BIM, liable persons in each of these stages and preparation of a project implementation plan.


The first toolkit is a miscellaneous use university, which integrates teaching space, common areas and space for vendors. It is just like a building containing a couple of floors and a foyer where students gather.


The contract language document package will be applied as an appendix to other major contracts, which describes the functions and responsibilities of parties who utilize BIM for their project.

The motto of the IBC is to build up and keep up Open BIM Standards toward the Canadian market via the Canadian Chapter of buildingSmart-International.


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