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The paint and coatings manufacturers can enjoy the BIM workflow through Seamless Integration with Revit

Sherwin-Williams is the first ever company that provides , the first and only paint company to offer consistent integration with the Autodesk Revit software program to easily identify the paint and color for architects and designers.


The Revit users can now get quick access to Sherwin-Williams paint products and colors to generate renderings of rooms with perfect color instantly and precisely.

Autodesk Revit is the most recognized Building Information Modeling (BIM) software among architects and designers to design buildings, lay out products, and render photo-realistic images. With the addition of Autodesk Material Library files inside revit, the users can incorporate Sherwin-Williams paint products and colors directly from the catalog into the drawings, and reduce additional tasks within the design phase.


The specification can be made quickly and easily which allows the architects and designers to make more efficient workflow method.

Now Revit users will be capable of saving Autodesk Material Library Files locally on a computer or to a consolidated network so that several people can avail these files. Besides, the users can effortlessly maneuver the Revit file to obtain information required from the full Sherwin-Williams catalog, along with the paint series, color number and name, and the appearance properties of the paint sheen. The revit users can quickly apply colors, with photo-realistic correctness, all through their model.


BIM workflow through Seamless Integration with Revit