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George Brown College & National Research Council undertakes BIM program for construction sectors

George Brown College, in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program, is organizing an in-depth and hands-on training program to bring the Canadian construction sector equipped with BIM technology to augment their workflow.


The BIM Technology and Processes Adoption Support is a training program and motto of this program is to spread awareness in the construction sector, particularly small to medium-sized companies, to adopt and guide their workers on the digital method during the design and construction stage of a project.


They'll be educated for applying the latest software and capable of analyzing the application of diversified tools to arrive at a point where they can begin dealing out information digitally.


The federal government has come up with solid financial support to make it possible for the industry to be prepared for studying and implementing digital technology.


The students will be familiar with AutoCAD in the first year and then shifting to Revit. By undergoing the training in both Revit and AutoCAD, the students will be able to switch over from 2D to 3D design. Thus the students will be skilled at learning the usage of the software in order to incorporate into a BIM practice.


The College's high-tech BIM Lab facilitates smaller companies to gain knowledge on BIM tools, devoid of purchasing costly technology and software.


Once the students acquire the knowledge on tools and processes through the September program, then up to 15 industry representatives are chosen to participate in a wide array of workshops and training sessions, and provided with the scope to register in the George Brown College Graduate Certificate in Building Information Modeling Management.


After successful completion of this training program, the students will be able to exercise the software as well as practice designing and constructing in a practical environment.


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BIM program for construction sectors