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BIM - An effective collaboration tool

Building Information Modeling is an essential tool for architect and day-by-day BIM is becoming inevitable for clients and accomplishing any project.


Basically the motto of BIM is to remove waste from the design and construction procedures which result in minimizing procurement costs significantly and facilitating clients to have an excellent asset management tool better than the conventional O&M manual.


Collaboration plays an important role for utilizing the full potentiality of BIM. Besides, there should be a combined approach undertaken by all parties at the beginning of any project that may range from the client through to architects, engineers and contractors.

There should be a distinctive approach for BIM - It now changes its role from being a just simple 3D CAD tool to a information based tool. The importance of BIM now lies in the 'I' of BIM - Information. In real meaning, a BIM model consists of a data-enriched, virtual building, presenting the physical and engineering properties of the entire project. The designers, cost consultants, project planners, contractors as well as the client/occupier can reap the benefits of it.


BIM facilitates multi-disciplinary co-ordination, however if one division of the chain is omitted, BIM fails to attain its complete potentiality. In order to apply BIM effectively, the project stakeholders should be on the identical platform and work in tandem. Throughout the design stage, it compiles the several components and co-ordinations of each member associated with the design team following a better and improved design. Now design team will be able to find out the conflicts amid components at the design phase prior to actual construction commences.

So the future of design process depends on BIM as it's revitalizing the industry like no technique ahead of it and as soon as one can capture the leap, he will be able to harvest the benefits.


BIM - An effective collaboration tool