RIB Software & Autodesk Join hands to offer incorporated 5D BIM Solution

Like many others in the industry, Autodesk and RIB Software (RIB) join hands to offer a software solution in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry for minimizing project risk as well as enhancing profitability and production.

In this regard, they launched a new 5D solution that can improve 3D design modeling and 4D construction modeling and scheduling with another basic element: cost analysis.

Benefits of the 5D Solution: 5D Solution offers all the design competencies from Autodesk’s Revit software and integrate them with schedule and cost information into a single environment.

It can conceivably accelerate project success as it is accessible simultaneously, making it especially appealing to project teams that ultimately care about the two most important things in a construction project: scheduling and costs.

With RIB, the construction professionals can visualize all the phases of a project in one 5D environment in an extremely integrated offering.

A 5D model can be presented facilitating all the project stakeholders to undertake more rational business decisions. It can significantly minimize any risk associated with the project as well as enhance productivity for the construction industry.

The common agreement will comprise of iTWO 5D BIM research, development and support, which are combined with Revit BIM technology. The new solution will provide authentic simulations for cost and time into the design method by iTWO users that simply integrates Revit model workflows.


RIB Software & Autodesk Join hands to offer incorporated 5D BIM Solution
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