Depth Cueing, Hosted Railings, Text Editor – Top 3 new feature of Revit 2017

Revit Kid provides top 3 new features of Revit 2017.

1. Depth Cueing: While modeling a building in Revit in simple way with all default settings, assigned elevations on sheets, and printed devoid of any tweaking, the appearance of the drawings may not be good. But with this new feature, it becomes possible to revise line weights on the basis of distance. Depth Cueing include depth to elevation and section drawings in architecture or coordination views to facilitate the users to view the design in a better way.

Watch the demo video

2. Hosted Railings: The railings can now be hosted to the top faces of floors, slabs, slab edges, walls, and roofs. Everyone like balusters, are modified consequently. For this purpose, just choose your host while creating the drawing of a railing.

Watch the supportive Revit video

3. Text Editor: The text editor is now brought inside Revit. The Text Editor is now upgraded to a WYSIWYG text editor (“what you see is what you get”). There is a new option to place text in a project.

Watch the supportive Revit video

Top 3 new feature of Revit 2017


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