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Best 10 BIM Applications 2021

The construction industry is merging with information technology more and more every day, and BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the result and future. If your company wants to embark on the BIM train, you should choose carefully which BIM software to use. So, today we will talk about the best 10 BIM applications of 2021.

1. AutoCAD

Autodesk is a formidable name in the construction industry because of this product. Ancient enough to sprout myths about itself, AutoCAD is the number one 3D modeling and 2D drafting software known to people. It started as a purely drafting application, and then evolved into a Virtual Design and Construction giant.

2. Revit

From Autodesk again, Revit is a pure BIM application that is presently the biggest name in the AEC consortium. It has been with us since the beginning of the century.

Revit is exceptional in architectural planning and documentation due to its ability to hold limitless amounts of details inside the drawings, and its parametric modeling approach.

3. SketchUp

SketchUp has been a dear to anyone who ever tried their hand at 3D modeling. Initially cheap, it still remains the most affordable design and modeling solution. While not really BIM per se, there are plenty of powerful plugins for SketchUp that can turn it into a real BIM application.

A sister application, Trimble Connect, from SketchUp's owner Trimble, is mostly used for the connectivity requirements of BIM.

4. AutoCAD MEP

A specialized version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP is best used in mechanical, electrical and plumbing applications. It helps you to design, draft, and document those systems into buildings.

It works in tandem with other BIM solutions from Autodesk and is infinitely useful in building development. It shines the best in industrial works, where accuracy is the top priority.


This ancient software has changed a lot through time, but it remains at core one of the most useful programs to design architectural and civil engineering drawings.

Developed and maintained by Graphisoft, it offers a great platform for drawing and drafting already. And in the modern times, ARCHICAD has grown into a BIM solution for engineers, architects, and constructors as well.

6. Navisworks

Not exactly a BIM software, Autodesk Navisworks is nevertheless extremely useful for the BIM workflow. It is a project review application mainly for construction companies.

The software offers a 3D designed project review package for architecture, engineering, construction professionals and construction industries.

7. AutoCAD Architecture

This is another flavor of AutoCAD that is very beneficial in any BIM workflow.

AutoCAD architecture software is the CAD software specifically built for architects to create a precise drawing of the entire building in 2D as well as 3D. The popularity of this software comes from its ease of use, personalised tools, useful features, and a very competitive price.

8. Vectorworks Architect

Another insanely popular architectural design solution, the Vectorworks Architect is an all in one CAD software primarily.

It excels at handling complex 2D and 3D problems, finding and correcting construction errors, making energy efficiency reports and thus streamline costs. Property developers find this software very useful for its collaboration features as well.

9. CIvil 3D

Not as well-known as the others in this list of the best 10 BIM applications 2021, Civil 3D is still a very efficient and useful CAD software. It is a civil engineering design and documentation app, which has matured well with time.

It has various integrated and efficient features for drafting work for light and heavy construction, and infrastructure.

10. Other Applications

Some other various BIM software that you may want to check out are: Green Building Studio (Autodesk), Tekla Structural Designer (Trimble), Leica Geosystems AG, Bentley Systems, RIB Software AG, The Wild, AutoCAD Plant 3D (Autodesk), Nemetschek SE, Matterport, iConstruct, LOD Planner, Trimble, Reconstruct, Tekla Structures (Trimble), Imerso, dRofus, Irisvr Inc, Revit Live (Autodesk), Rendra AS, DataCAD, Trimble Connect (Trimble), BIM Track, Aurora etc.

Best 10 BIM Applications 2021
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