Cable splicing (except electrical or fiber optic)

Fiber offcuts are hard to see and can easily penetrate the skin especially if they get into your clothes, so care must be taken to ensure the safe disposal of all offcuts. Dispose of fiber scraps immediately using a suitable container and do not throw into a waste paper bin.

Because of the dangers of ingesting a fiber, do not eat or drink in the termination area.

Fusion splicers use an electric arc to fuse the fibers together so they should never be used in an environment where flammable gases or liquids are present.

Never look into the end of a live fiber connector. Holding some multimode fibers up to a piece of paper may prove the presence of light and therefore prove that it is live, but it doesn't prove that it isn't live! Some laser powered equipment use light which is outside of the visible spectrum, so err on the side of caution.

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