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AMC Bridge introduces Sketchup 3d warehouse for Revit

Now Revit users can access Trimble's SketchUp 3D Warehouse, a wide-ranging respiratory hub, to download models and use them to any Revit project by applying 3D Warehouse for Revit. It is a new plugin for Revit that integraes BIM tool with 3d warehouse.


This plugin makes a two-way communication system among Revit live session & 3d warehouse to obtain models from and transfer them to Revit session and making proper modification, export them back to the warehouse for future use.

This exclusive plugin facilitates the users to explore sketchup's 3d warehouse as well as apply them in any Revit project and upload revit families to the identical site.


3D Warehouse for Revit is complete free for users and they can easily generate a 2D or 3D model and upload it for everybody else to use at free of cost.


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sketchup 3d warehouse for Revit