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Download Revit Plant Families

Revit is a great software for all kinds of 3D modeling, especially for architectural designs. While it isn't necessarily great for rendering on its own, you can still place a few environmental objects around your model for a presentation. To help you with that, here are some good resources to download free Revit plant families.

In this collection, you can find plenty of good Revit families to download that belong to the flora group, and related stuff. It is actually a bit rare to find such resources since pots, planters, plants and trees are not that popular with Revit users. That is because most of the time they are high-level professionals who are paid to build the model only, and often a lot of complicated models they are!

However, there are a few of those architects and designers who prefer to generate simple renders out of Revit models. On its own, Revit is actually not bad at creating more or less workable renders of its models that are okay for client presentation. Provided the client (or their representative) isn't a first impression kind of person.

To that end, we have sought out and found this nice collection of Revit plant Families, including some pots and planters as well ? all available for free download.

The collection is broken into two sections ? Revit 3D Plant Families and Revit 2D Plant Families. Each has a lot of small or large families. You can find the following types of families in thins collection:

  • Revit trees
  • Flowers for Revit
  • Grass families
  • Bush families
  • Revit plants
  • Decoration families
  • Vase families

Among the trees, the following types of flora are included in this collection of Revit families:

  • Deciduous Trees

Deciduous ? Large ? Beech, Deciduous ? Large ? Oak, Skinny, Deciduous ? Large ? Oak, Wide, Deciduous ? Med ? Ash, Deciduous ? Med ? Birch, Deciduous ? Med ? Honey Locust, Deciduous ? Small ? Apple, Deciduous ? Small ? Blueberry, Deciduous ? Small ? Cherry, Deciduous ? Small ? Serviceberry, a_tree35, a_tree49

  • Evergreen Trees

Evergreen ? Fir, Evergreen ? Hemlock

  • Potted Plants

Potted_Bamboo, POTTED_PLANT, Potted_Plant_3D

  • Other stuff

a_bush12, Grass, kvitnik, palm, Plant, Plant_8135, RPC_Plant_-_Tropical, RPC_Tree_-_Fall, Shrub, Sitka_Spruce, yucca

The 2D Revit plant families collection may not look much, but it is great when you're getting an elevation of your design and you want just a bit of decoration, or to convey scale ideas. The 3D families are great for inserting directly into your model for a good rendered output to display to your clients or for your own creative pleasure. God knows we get little of that in our day to day work.

The 3D Revit plant families include the following:

  • Tree Plan parametric Detail Item
  • 2D Tree Plan parametric Detail Item
  • 3D 3d tree
  • 3D Bush
  • 3D Ceramic planter
  • 3D Flower basket
  • 3D Flower in vase
  • 3D Flowers and vase
  • 3D Hanging Plant
  • 3D Hanging Plant 2
  • 3D 2D TRESS 2789
  • 3D tree 2767
  • 3D Jonathan Furlongs 2D 3D tree 2767
  • 3D Large Tree
  • 3D Leopard tree
  • 3D Lily plant
  • 3D Modern Plant Box
  • 3D Plant Bonzai
  • 3D Plant Bonzai 2
  • 3D Plant Bonzai 3
  • 3D Plant Bonzai 4
  • 3D Plant Table
  • 3D Planter with shrub
  • 3D Planting trough
  • 3D Planting
  • 3D Planting ? Solid and RPC 16077
  • 3D Planting - Solid and RPC 16749
  • 3D Planting Graphic ? Complex 15925
  • 3D Potted Plant
  • 3D Potted Plant 10
  • 3D Potted Plant 11
  • 3D Potted Plant 12
  • 3D Potted plant 2
  • 3D Potted Plant 3
  • 3D Potted Plant 4
  • 3D Potted Plant 5
  • 3D Potted Plant 6
  • 3D Potted Plant 7
  • 3D Potted Plant 8
  • 3D Potted Plant 9
  • 3D Round plant pot
  • 3D Scotch pine tree
  • 3D Table Decoration
  • 3D Table Decoration 2
  • 3D Table Decoration 3
  • 3D Table Decoration 4
  • 3D Vase (2)
  • 3D Vase
  • 3D Vertical Garden Wall

All of the above models can be used for good in any of your Revit models. But do make sure you have the updated version of Revit. That is because some of these plant families have been edited recently, and we don't know in which version. So, in order to be compatible, you had better be using the latest version of Revit, that is Revit 2021, which was recently launched in the pandemic.

Download Revit Plant Families
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