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How Arup and the project team of USC village applied BIM to Design, Construct and Preserve University Housing Village

Arup, a multidisciplinary engineering and consulting firm, having expertise in executing ground-breaking projects in the built environment and across industry, undertakes a project provided by Harley Ellis Devereaux Architects (HED) to offer engineering services for USC Village. It is a $430M mixed-use expansion project at the University of Southern California.


Arup has sound knowledge in energy and water efficiency with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) system design and utilized this to complete the existing project by applying BIM technology.

USC is employing the institution's BIM Guidelines to entirely incorporate design, construction and facility management activities. USC also reveals its future plan on how BIM system will be initiated to design, construct and preserve their buildings.


The 1.2MSF project includes six-mixed use residential buildings through ground floor retail and a central utility plant, and is located at 14-acres directly north of the USC's main campus. Arup is offering MEP engineering, acoustics/ITC/AV consulting and building physics, which consist of microclimate and daylighting study to get more relieve to the students through the building and in the outside amenity spaces.

For making the project successful, Arup has teamed up with USC, the contractor, HED and their other consultants for undertaking an extensive Joint BIM Execution Plan (JBEP) that sets up the norm and method to model the design, the "as-built" condition, and the essential data and aptitude to sustain the buildings. BIM facilitates the facilities management department to record maintenance and operations data on campus properties. BIM can enhance coordination throughout construction, support well-organized maintenance, and find out system performance.


BIM also facilitates to gather information all through the engineering and design phase, develop it through the construction stage, and utilize the collective data to handle the facility competently.

Download NBS National BIM Report 2014