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Dynamo Software for Revit Users

There is many software out there. Users can use any of these tools to get the best result from it. Among all these programs there is one specific program named Dynamo. It is a plug-in for Autodesk Revit. This software is an open-source visual programming language for Revit. Designers and construction professionals wrote this software. This program allows the users for typing lines of code while users also can create an algorithm that contain nodes. Readers can take an online course to learn this software

Visual Programming

By using this type of program users are able to establish visual, systemic and geometric relationship between various parts of a drawing. The whole process is the key of the designing process.

The whole workflow influences the relationship from the beginning stage to final design. This type of program allows the users for establishing a workflow through formalizing algorithm.

What can users do?

Users are able to work with enhanced BIM capabilities in Revit. Users can utilize the Dynamo and Revit to make models and analyze complex geometries automatic repetitive processes, to minimize human error, and also export data to excel files. Though the other types of file do not support by Revit. Users can make more efficient design process with the help of intuitive interface pre-made scripting libraries.

The user interface of Dynamo

This software is made of five different sections. The largest section is the workspace. In this workspace programs are processed. The five sections are:

1. Main menu
2. Toolbar
3. Library
4. Workspace
5. Execution bar

In the workspace section designers develop all the visual programs. Elaborate geometry is also previewed in this workspace. Users are able to navigate the workspace by using the mouse while working in home workspace or custom node. Users can change the navigation preview by switching modes.

The working style

After installing the application users can connect various elements to direct the custom algorithms that contain both the relationship and sequences. These algorithms can be used in data processing, geometry generation with the minimal programming code. This is a specific visual programming tool for designers and users. It also can create tools. These tools are also able to use external libraries and Autodesk product with an API.

Using Dynamo help to solve problem

By using the tool named Dynamo help users can easily solve various problems like parametric modeling, analysis of BIM data, automatic documentation, information exchange between different software efficiently.

Latest version of Dynamo software

Dynamo software upgraded to latest version. Advantages of this latest version are:

1. Increase improvement of performance.
2. The checkboxes of the Analytical UI collection have updated.
3. It is able to follow choice of users more efficiently and for clarity.
4. Instrumentation cannot be activated if it is not selected in advance for sending analysis information.
5. It also cleans the setting drop down menu by removing one of the checkbox items.
6. This software is also able to make the dashboard more streamlined.

Dynamo for Revit

Generative design tool is a new feature of Revit. It can create set of design outputs based upon user specified inputs and goals.

Dynamo is used to repeat different input values and generate outputs based on set goals. The particular nodes in Dynamo are used to understand the parameter in the generative design process. It will change the design outputs created by Revit tool.

Dynamo provides the framework named as Revit Internal generative design tool. After that users are able to manipulate the Revit tools. Users are also able to adjust the nodes and values in Dynamo which are linked to Generative Design parameters. Users can change the options of generative design tool.

Saving option of files and the format

The new version saves all the files in the JavaScript Object Notation format. Custom graphics and nodes which are created in Dynamo are not compatible with the previous versions of the program. After the installation of the new version all version of the 1.x file can be kept and converted to the new format.

Dynamo node library

The node library reduces the redundancy. All the custom and non-default nodes is displayed as a sub item known as Add on. Users now are able to resize and collapse the library window. The nodes have a particular order of drawing.

Dynamo Software for Revit Users
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