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Tekla Structures 20 to Improve Construction Workflow

Atlanta: Well known for providing BIM software to the global engineering and construction markets, Tekla announced the availability of Tekla Structures 20. Tekla assured that this latest version of Tekla's BIM software, Structures 20 Software, will accelerate the construction information and workflow by rendering the means to organize models properly, prevent structural clashes and manage tasks. Besides, the constructible models developed with Tekla can integrate more detailed information than it could have done earlier.


Tekla Structures, launched in 2004, helps to model, detail, fabricate and build various buildings, bridges, and sports complexes. The software is specifically designed to work flawlessly with Tekla BIMsight, which is a free online tool and portal for construction project collaboration.

With BIM penetrating the construction industry processes, architectural trends, today, are producing highly complex shapes, buildings are incorporating more refined technology, and information exchange is becoming progressively more essential. And Tekla Structures 20 software is competent to meet this demand by increasing the capacity of constructible Tekla models to smoothly manage huge amounts of information required to precisely reflect the detail included in complex build structures.


The new tools support better information management as Tekla Structures 20 offers more detailed information and flexibility to modeling, while minimizing the requirement for manual data transfer. The software enhances the flow of information from design, purchasing and production to the shop floor. It also offers various links to architectural and design solutions to eliminate the technical and compatibility obstacles that include workflow between subcontractors and project teams employing varied types of applications.


Tekla Structures 20 improves project team communication and collaboration by offering the detail required for building complex structures, providing process-improving tools, and smoothly working with other software applications, and thus delivering on the promise of BIM for the construction industry.


Tekla Structures 20 provides several improved tools that simplify the management of the massive amounts of constructible building information required for contemporary structures:


  • Organizer: It helps to deliver efficient model information management and better automation.
  • Task Manager: It offers an organized method to plan detailing, fabrication and erection on site.
  • Clash Check Manager: It permits communicating, assigning, coordinating and preventing structural conflicts before they appear on site to save money and time.


Tekla Structures 20 to Improve Construction Workflow