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Some Technology experts from Case Design, DPR Construction, CH2M Hill, and Woods Bagot evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of three well-liked tablet based BIM apps

The application of BIM among the design and construction team has been increased to a great extent. To cope up with the situation, several mobile & tablet based application has been launched to facilitate the design & construction team to avail the project files from any place, any time. These applications can transmit robust & vital information to the concerned professionals.


Some renowned technical experts have evaluated three leading mobile applications which are specifically designed to deal with BIM in the jobsite.


Graphisoft BIMx


BIMx facilitates users to unveil and walk around 3D BIM models produced with ArchiCAD. With its add-on app, BIMx Docs, the users will be able to maneuver and analyze connected construction documents.

The users can proceed from plans and elevations to 3D models. The application empowers the users to swiftly create segmentation of any model to the parts as required.


Advantages: It can be smoothly operated on site. It can produce speedy rendering process. The users can get rid of the need for printing 2D plans. It is convincingly priced. It also contains gravity and egress recognition. The application is also capable of outlining 2D drawings over the 3D model.


Disadvantages: The app is recognized to mislay some "info from the source software" while opening files generated in programs through other software companies.


Specs: Remote BIM editing | Apple, Android | tablet, smartphone | Well versed with Bentley/Autodesk files if imported by ArchiCAD


Cost: Free


Bentley Systems Passport


With Passport the users can avail hybrid platforms along with servers like Bentley's ProjectWise Integration Server; desktop software as well as Bentley Navigator and mobile apps like Field Supervisor.


The application comes up with supplementary control and security with cloud platform where the 3D model is preserved and hosted on-premise. It also facilitates for round-tripping. The users can provide a comment in from the field, and it automatically connects that into the Web-based version and the model.


Advantages: Field Supervisor will get the ability to make personal views as per your requirements. The identical content will be visible in Navigator. It retains data and graphics from the model. One can create work in diverse software like Revit or Bentley and store all these together.


Cons: It is good in managing outsized model but the graphics are not upto the standard which can be achieved in a better way with Autodesk.


Specs: Remote BIM editing with 2014 Navigator Mobile release | Apple, Android | tablet, smartphone | Model information from Autodesk through i-models


Cost: $72 annually, mobile apps free with Passport subscription


Autodesk BIM 360 Field, BIM 360 Glue


By applying BIM 360 Field the users can produce and update project issues, and acquire construction documents from the field. BIM 360 Glue allows users to avail and relate project information beyond multidisciplinary 3D models.


In comparison with Bently and Graphisoft product it is seen that Field and Glue mainly focus on the workflow of design but Bentley and Graphisoft apps concentrate on document control and management associated with the jobsite. Autodesk apps reflect the view of an engineer regarding coordination, constructability, or quality control.


Advantages: Field depicts a superior picture of probable constrictions, and facilitates a good perceptive of jobsite productivity. Glue's hyperlink generator records every action created in the 3D model, and communicate with non-expert users efficiently.


Disadvantages: Autodesk host design data on the cloud for this application but the client may disagree for any top-secret projects.


Specs: No remote editing | Apple | tablet | Glue can deal with 50+ file types, which the app can utilize.


Cost: App is free, but for getting full functionality, the users have to buy it.


Besides, there are other applications which are useful for simple conceptual design.


Autodesk FormIt is an alternative of Revit that can create a model based environment. Tekla BIMsight is used comprehensive fabrication models. The users can transform a BIM model into the Tekla environment in the shop to fabricate. For viewing 3D models, goBIM's onymous app as a Revit plugin is also very useful. CadFaster also comes up with some simplified tools to be applied as a real-time 3D viewer.


The users always find connection amid iPad and iPad, or desktop and desktop but there is not a good connection between the desktop and iPad


Some Technology experts from Case Design, DPR Construction, CH2M Hill and Woods Bagot