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Some essential tips for implementing BIM technology

Building Information Technology is gaining popularity among the architecture, engineering and construction industries and becomes an inevitable part of the industries.


Dr. Jayant M. Deshpande, the Dubai-based director of the Computer Aided Engineering Division at Omnix International, has provided some useful tips for successful implementation of BIM technology.


Before implementing BIM, it's vital to think about that this changeover is together a business and a management choice and it needs resources, obligation and process changes.

As BIM provides endless benefits, its demand is increasing at a rapid rate. But most of the companies are not being prepared to switch over to BIM instantaneously. So it is suggested to choose a small project and after that progressively shift to a bigger scale project.


The most crucial factor for a successful execution of BIM is executive management buy-in and commitment. When all the BIM leaders have been recognized, the interior BIM team should formulate an execution plan. This plan summarizes the purposes of BIM prepared by the management team and the methods to attain them.


The project managers play an important role for carrying out the plan and it is essential to obtain full buy-in as well as full understanding of the progression from the project managers. The plan consists of the assessment of the competence of the staffs and awareness & the classification of assessable milestones.

The implementation of the plan commences with pilot projects and staff training on the BIM software solutions and workflow changes. To become successful, the execution plan should be regularly appraised prior to employ BIM to the broader range along with supplementary projects.


At the time of preparing any pilot project, focus on the points like for whom the model is intended for? Is it just for design? Will it be applicable for constructability as well as Operation and maintenance? Start with the end in mind and work back to make sure that one plan to model at a level of detail to be suitable with it's proposed application.


Besides, one has to ensure that the project's success is evidently described prior to commencement of the project. Generally, firms think that they should go 100% on their first attempt or else it's a failure. It seems to be a difficult target to achieve t and will not put teams up for a optimistic first experience, which apparently will have an effect on future executions of BIM.


Some essential tips for implementing BIM technology