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How BIM was applied in the $1.85 billion new Royal Adelaide Hospital project

Royal Adelaide, a high-tech hospital in South Australia is the biggest building ever constructed in Australia. In this project near about 1,300 workers perform onsite to make plan and get the 10-level hospital ready to be introduced in 2016.


Some hi-tech methods were applied in the construction processes of the hospital through the Building Information Management system incorporated with myriad computer systems and numerous construction specifications.


Under this system the blueprint from paper has been shifted into a 3D computer system which enables contractors and staff to verify efficiently through tablets or smart phones. The 3D system helps in showcasing a wide array of building parts to be updated in real time as construction progresses. This consecutively enhanced the scopes for modules to be created off site involving supreme accurateness - then assembled on jobsite.

So, it can be said that the BIM system alias 'virtual construction' has has fundamentally transformed the construction industry.


Now the several users can sign up and avail the 3D images rather than searching for paper drawings, and all will be updated in real time.


The 3D approach will facilitate the prefabrication off-site, and save huge time and space at the construction site. Lots of incorporated models are transferred into the master 3D model that can decrease the possibility for inaccuracies compared to contractors working off paper plans.


The 3D designs necessitate each item to provide a code, and ensure that such items can be identified easily for future reference or preservation. A wide array of coded items varies from light fittings and furniture through to architectural fittings. It also integrates operating manuals for each item, ending the requirements to look for booklets.


How BIM was applied in the $1.85 billion new Royal Adelaide Hospital project