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Home Builders can produce a smarter estimate with BIM Pipeline

BIM Pipeline refers to a web supported, rules motivated material management and estimation system that applies BIM data to directly undertake comprehensive take-offs.


BIM Pipeline facilitates builders to control BIM data for producing complete master plan estimates through delta BOM reports for options, lot specific as built reports to directly cut purchase orders as well as confine changes focused on customer to track client customizations, all self-governing of the source of the BIM data. Builders can now find a way out to bridge the historical gap proficiently & perfectly amid design and estimation and minimize cycle times.


BIM Pipeline was specially designed for home builders to perform exact material takeoffs and rapidly understand their construction costs. The module based design facilitates builders to opt for the features for fulfilling their current goals.

BIM Pipeline uses and clarifies BIM data directly from numerous leading BIM applications like AutoCAD Architecture, Revit, Vertex BD, and VisionRez. Then it links design, sales, estimation, and purchasing by incorporating with back office system directly. It also outputs to Excel or homogeneous XML for incorporating with other back office systems.


BIM Pipeline comes up with three different modules as mentioned below:-


Builder module: It allows the users to handle all the consistent assets concerning a home builder and manage exactly what's getting built.


Cloud estimating module: With Cloud Estimation the users will be able to get it all together by transmitting the BIM direct data to a full bill of materials.


Costing module: With the Costing Module you can prevent redundant tasks by using a complete BOM to align with various vendor's costs and establish a true cost to construct.


BIM Pipeline offers the following benefits to construction professionals:-


  • Connect design to estimating for precise automated takeoffs
  • Scale operations devoid of adding staff
  • Enhance net margins
  • Leverage the identified costs of a production builder, whereas facilitating customer specific changes to be happened and remain profitable.
  • Commanding rules based estimating
  • Job estimates provided "as built"
  • On-the-fly Delta +/- estimates for model/options
  • Recognized custom changes added to budget
  • Constantly or quickly progress into BIM technology at your own pace with a flexible 3 phased implementation approach.
  • Better manage options, communities, houses, and jobs.


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Home Builders can produce a smarter estimate with BIM Pipeline