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GRAPHISOFT introduces the free license option for allocating BIMx docs with any client

GRAPHISOFT, the leading solution provider in BIM architectural software, just declared that it offers a free licence option for its award-winning BIM presentation app, BIMx Docs through which the architects will be able to allocate their Hyper-models with any clients at a cost of $39.99. The clients can avail the shared BIMx (building information model eXplorer) in their iOS gadgets in 7 days once the allocation is completed.


BIMx Hyper-model refers to an exclusive technology that can be useful for incorporated 2D and 3D building project navigation. BIMx Hyper-models facilitate the architects as well as 3d modeling professionals to efficiently deal with any projects having complicated 3d building models and unnecessary 2D documentation.


BIMx Hyper-model contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Fly & Walk mode
  • Hyperlinked 2D & 3D
  • Trouble-free 2D-3D changeover
  • Gravity & Egress identification
  • Stereo 3D mode
  • Synchronized 3D cutaway
  • Mark out 2D drawings on 3D
  • Photo-realistic mode
  • Flexible navigation speed
  • On-screen navigation map
  • Left & right-handed joystick
  • Finger controls (zoom, pan, rotate)

Besides, launching the license option, GRAPHISOFT has also revised the costs of its present BIMx Docs license options:

  • The fundamental BIMx app is free for use and the users can walk around the 3D part of BIMx Hyper-models.
  • The BIMx Docs function packs, which was launched earlier and provided access to the full project documentation along with 2D drawings, are accessible for $9.99 for a single project; $74.99 for the unrestricted number of projects.
  • The standalone BIMx Docs app is purchasable for $74.99 from the AppStore.



GRAPHISOFT introduces the free license option for allocating BIMx docs with any client