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Calabi Yau Systems unveils LD3 Studio 6.0 Software Suite useful for 3d laser scanning

Calabi Yau Systems unveils the latest version of its LD3 Studio Suite i.e. LD3 Studio 6.0 Software Suite. The LD3 Studio Suite includes a wide array of solid modeling tools for quickly producing 3D as-built models from laser scan data.


LD3 Studio is formed on the groundwork to aggregate any 3D content during the life of an asset. There are optional tool modules which facilitate the functional usages of several disciplines inside the design, construction, maintenance and asset management sectors catering to AEC market. The LD3 Studio Suite is useful for generating and retaining of both "greenfield" (new) and "brownfield" (renovation) as-built models. It supports the efficacies of such models in a virtual plant setting for the life cycle needs of capital assets.


The LD3 Foundation Platform refers to a content management platform to integrate the application of 3D laser scan data, 3D models as well as 3rd party 2D and 3D content. The foundation platform can deal with numerous 3D contents which range from content created with optional LD3 modules and imported from other software products. Content consists of scan data sets, 3D models, survey data, engineering and manufacturing drawings, specifications, documents and content produced by LD3 optional modules.

The foundation is compatible with both unprocessed and registered scan data sets. For unprocessed data, the foundation includes all the tools necessary to register scans. By importing scan data, a polygonal mesh is formed automatically. After completion of importing, a base working resolution can be set to thin scan data content as required for a project.


The foundation performs like the substrate for the content formation modules, LD3 Modeler, LD3 Desktop Survey, LD3 Virtual Plant for O&M, and the LD3 Online Manufacturers Part Catalog. The foundation supports an enterprise database. This will aid the compilation as well as categorization of all 3D connected content for an entire enterprise. Content in favor of both new (Greenfield) and renovation (Brownfield) projects is systematized and served up all through the planning, implementation, and delivery of projects to the downstream requirements concerning operation and maintenance.


Calabi Yau Systems unveils LD3 Studio 6.0 Software Suite useful for 3d laser scanning