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A Ride on the BIM Cloud!

Revit, the multi-users design tool that works effectively on a local area network with all the users sitting in the same place, does not meet the operational requirements of the larger organizations where teams from different locations work on a larger project. The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry has been conventionally fragmented regarding designing and constructing buildings. Many firms and organizations have combined to create a building and once the project is accomplished, this team splits to develop another team for another building project. Inspired by the technology building blocks of a cloud, there is now an AEC Collaboration Hub for Advance2000. This will help users to work together, in real-time.


To achieve project collaboration organizations are shifting to a cloud environment today. Users do not have to transfer large models and wait for several days for design feedback on problematic issues. With AEC Collaboration Hub it is possible now to provide clients real-time feedback, and execute a project efficiently as well as timely.

Cloud computing is turning Information Technology (IT) from a capital intensive business to a utility that can be used as required from a pre-existing infrastructure. Advance2000 is a Cloud Computing provider like IT utility that builds and operates the IT power plants and sells it computing power to consumers.


BIM is incorporated in this industry for design and construction of the built environment. And A BIM cloud is a special purpose IT cloud. It is used sort to the problems of the AEC industry. A BIM cloud enables the users to virtualize their desktop in order to dynamically incorporate computing resources in, promptly and in a cost effective manner. Virtualization turns the hardware into a piece of software which helps the users to enhance the utility of the actual hardware of the system. Besides BIM Cloud allows the users to virtually co-locate their project team as they can access their desktops remotely, all those desktops, applications, and storage required to run their project can be co-located in the same data center.


Advance2000 has indeed developed an artery for collaboration that is aiding new businesses to grow and new sources of revenue for member firms.


A Ride on the BIM Cloud