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The Next Step in Construction Management

Open platforms, Web services, and BIM (building information modeling); these are just a few of the trends that have developed in the market for construction technology throughout the past decade. Hoping to embrace new opportunities, construction professionals are looking ahead as to how they might embrace these emerging technologies.

After more than 15 years as President and CEO of Meridian Systems,, Folsom, Calif., John Bodrozic stepped down in 2010 to begin a general business consulting company. Constructech recently had an opportunity to speak one-on-one with the man now heading up the direction of the construction technology company, Geene Alhady.  The general manager of Meridian Systems discussed the direction the company will take in the year ahead and how it plans to leverage the relationship with parent company Trimble,, Sunnyvale, Calif., more in the months ahead, among other topics.

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