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PAS - an exclusive standard for BIM professionals

There must be a BIM protocol which is essential for all BIM professionals. The protocol should be common to all the project stakeholders.


PAS1192-2 Specification for information management catering to the capital/delivery stage of construction projects with Building Information Modelling.


The objective of the PAS is to attain BIM maturity Level 2 by identifying prerequisites for this level, define the outline for dealing with BIM enabled projects co-actively and implementing definite guidance for the information management required for a project which is attainted through BIM.


The frameworks associated with the PAS formed with the prevailing code of practice for the cooperative production of architectural, engineering and construction information, described in BS 1192:2007. The PAS narrates the mutual application of independently authored models in a Common Data Environment (CDE), accumulating all information for a specified project under one roof, applied to gather, control and circulate all significant sanctioned project documents useful for multi-disciplinary teams.

BS1192:2007 contains the details of the standards and practices useful for providing reliable, planned, well-organized and perfect information exchange. Conversely, only information exchanges pertaining to BIM (i.e. structured data) are explained in this PAS.


Besides, PAS 1192-2 purposely highlights on the 'delivery' phase of projects (varying from strategic recognition of requirements to surrender of asset), where most of the graphical data, non-graphical data as well as documents are gathered from design and construction activities.


The PAS 1192-3, This is a partner document to PAS 1192-2, highlights on the operational stage of assets, relating to the accessibility, reliability and transmit of data and information all through this phase. The document denotes how information from the Project Information Model (PIM) is transmitted to the Assets Information Model (AIM). It involves guidance on the application and preservation of the asset information model (AIM) to support the planned preventative maintenance program and the portfolio management activity for the life of the asset.


PAS - an exclusive standard for BIM professionals