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Clopay Makes 3-D Building Information Modeling Available Online

Clopay Commercial Products is now offering three-dimensional building information modeling (BIM) online for its coiling service doors, counter doors and coiling grilles.

Available at, the software enables architects, specifiers and engineers to render a building in 3-D in order to identify interference areas that often go undetected in 2-D drawings. As a result, these issues can be addressed in advance to reducing change orders and project delays.

All BIM models are parametric in design, which allows characteristics such as door size and track option to be adjusted within the model, ensure proper clearances are maintained in accordance with Clopay specifications. All models are created in Revit 2011. 

n addition, Clopay has chartered ARCAT to create Spec Wizard point-and-click specification writing software for its commercial coiling products. Icons with links to the software are posted on the Clopay website under the “door specifications” tab. This is also available on the ARCAT website,

With two manufacturing facilities and 51 distribution centers across the United States and Canada, Clopay Building Products is a manufacturer of residential garage doors and a supplier of commercial doors. Clopay Commercial Products Group offers Clopay brand rolling-steel products, including service doors, insulated and un-insulated fire doors, counter shutters, fire- and smoke-rated counter shutters, rolling grilles, side-folding grilles, and closures.

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