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5D Planning and Management

Information is critical when making decisions. In construction, the impact of cost and schedule changes is unavoidable during the lifecycle of a project. Software solutions can provide this information to both the construction company and client so everyone involved can be better prepared to deal with what-if scenarios as they arise on the job.

Webcor Builders,, San Mateo, Calif., is one commercial construction company that is always on the leading edge of technology adoption—using technologies such as a database to keep track of all carbon accounting and the BIM (building information modeling) process to help schedule and estimate materials more efficiently.

Last week Webcor announced it will use Vico Software’s,, Boulder, Colo., Vico Office R3, which is Vico’s third release of the virtual-construction suite.

BIM software solutions for the commercial construction industry are designed to reduce risk, manage costs, and optimize schedules on complex building projects. Vico Software offers an integrated approach to coordination, quantity takeoff, cost estimation, project scheduling, and production control.

Webcor says it will implement the software on more than 120 company-wide workstations for use on all of its building projects. Each employee’s workstation has access to the full 5D workflow and also houses the Vico Office Client for combining multiple model types from different sources, comparing past project data, viewing current-project progress, and customized reporting.

The suite includes: Vico Cost Planner for creating evolving cost plans as more project details are made available; Vico Schedule Planner for scheduling and reducing project risk; Vico Production Controller for onsite schedule managing; and Vico 4D Manager for communicating schedules with teammates, subs, and the owner; among others.

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