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Vectorworks 2014 is just launched by Nametschek Vectorworks

Visit the following link to download the complete manual

Nametschek Vectorworks Inc has just launched Vectorworks 2014. The software provides great benefits to architects & interior architects, landscape architects and designers, lighting and scenic designers, product & furniture designers as well as newbie students.

In the version of 2014, there will lots of advancements with a wide array of design-related decisions and workflows. This newly launched version comes up with superior collaboration, intuitive 3D modeling, powerful rendering engine, improved 2D graphic control, ability to modify or automate production work.

The users can get real time in all the solid rendered models as navigation in all 3D views will be performed with OpenGL. The cache produced in OpenGL also enhances navigation in other rendered modes.

The users can enjoy quickest interactive display with Enjoy walking through, panning, zooming, selecting, moving, modifying, and more in rendered modes by keeping speed and performance intact.

Vectorworks 2014 is just launched by Nametschek Vectorworks