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Safe Software introduces FME 2015 with support to IFC, Revit and Sketchup


Safe Software, the trusted name in spatial data transformation technology, has just introduced the most updated version of its core technology alias FME 2015. This newest application is obtainable in both FME Desktop and FME Server.


FME 2015 contains the following exclusive features :-


Support for BIM Data: FME 2015 provides support for BIM data along with new IFC writing facility that facilitates the BIM professionals to produce models by integrating with formats like GIS. With advanced features, it is now possible to read BIM data from IFC, Autodesk Revit® and Trimble SketchUp®. So BIM professionals will be able to generate their own BIM models out of collective data.


Extended Point Cloud Options: The Users get the ability to use added point cloud features together with read support for latest formats like CARIS CSAR and RIEGL 6.0 RDB as well as the new PointCloudMerger, PointCloudSorter, & PointCloudStatisticsCalculator transformers. The tools which are available with FME are now upgraded - LAS support now includes versions 1.3 and 1.4, and Esri LASD files; XYZ support contains .csv and .txt file extensions; and non-spatial point cloud functionality is included to various transformers.

Improved Esri ArcGIS Support to Version 10.3: Esri users will be able to promote to ArcGIS 10.3 keeping their accessible FME workflows intact as FME 2015 provides its support for the newest version of Esri's flagship product.


FME 2015 is also compatible with usually applied CAD formats like Autodesk AutoCAD®, along with AutoCAD Map 3D® and AutoCAD Civil 3D®, and Bentley MicroStation®.


Minecraft Reading and Writing: FME 2015 supports Minecraft® facilitating the users to generate their GIS and other accessible data with its interactively accountable gaming platform.


This feature will be very useful for city planning. The FME users will be capable of uploading their data into the Minecraft gaming engine to have the exact view in a 3D virtual surrounding.


Support for other Formats and Applications: FME 2015 can be incorporated with various others series of data sources and destinations like Autodesk FBX, Google Maps Engine Rasters, Microsoft SharePoint® Lists, OGC® GeoPackage, OpenSceneGraph OSGB, SFX Panorama Exchange reading, and TetGen.

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FME 2015 with support to IFC, Revit and Sketchup
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