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Viewpoint For Projects

Collaborative Project Management software for Construction Industry - Viewpoint presents an inclusive suite of software solutions with Vista that helps contractors synchronize all areas of their business. That’s why construction businesses around the globe notice Viewpoint for projects to be a perfect match for their project desires. Viewpoint for projects provides all team representatives like as owner, architect, construction manager, engineers and subcontractors — a cooperative project management resolution for achieving modernized processes and clear communication.


Easily collaborate together with entire project team by leveraging info entered in Vista and then publishing documents directly into Viewpoint for projects. Automate and better command the processes and gain mobile and BIM capabilities to finish projects quicker and more comfortably, whereas connecting field groups with project info where they’re placed. The proper software for better project expediency, delivery and meeting cost, time and quality expectations, Viewpoint for projects is easy and simple to use, fast to deploy and might deliver tangible returns on your technology investment.


Some essential features of Viewpoint For Projects are:

  • Built on a common data environment

  • Includes capabilities for document control

  • Project communications

  • A Good BIM manager

  • Powerful level of collaboration and mobility


Document Control: Easily manage, access, and share huge quantities of documents, such as drawings, specification, schedules, contracts, daily logs and mission critical reports. With comprehensive document management can ensure consistent processes, keeping tasks on schedule and gain additional control of the projects.


Some benefits are:

  • Simple and easy software that project teams will understand

  • Collaborate effectively on documents with disparate stakeholders, team members and suppliers

  • Maintain all documents and communication in one secure location

  • Control and manage the flow of information

  • Easily view and mark-up documents

  • Conveniently track and manage the update of documents with revision control

  • Quickly upload and download documents without having to log into the system

  • Effortlessly create libraries with access to the very latest documents

  • Capture and control drawings that make up an essential part of any O&M file

  • Ensure everyone is working on ‘one version of the truth

  • Maintain a clear audit trail and ensure compliance

  • Deliver projects with greater transparency and efficiency for the entire project team


Project Communications: Project groups could avoid missing deadlines using Viewpoint for projects to more efficiently manage and track projects. It’s simple to assign tasks with overdue reminders and alert notifications. It also improve communication with tools to manage email and correspondence; each question or instruction method may be captured and stored and is absolutely searchable — even beyond the completion of the project.


Dashboards and coverage options deliver a fast, clear view of key project metrics that helps to simply visualize tasks and activities requiring action.


Some benefits are:


  • Immediate and easy access to key project and cost information

  • Visibility and transparency across all projects

  • Simplified workflows for processing change orders, subcontracts and purchase orders

  • Reduce time spent searching and retrieving documents

  • Reduce project communication turnaround time

  • Complete audit trail where emails are captured, stored and can be searched — even after the completion of the project

  • Reduce profit fade by staying ahead of scope changes and cost impacts

  • Seamless integration with Cost Control ensures every project is under budget and profitable

  • Secure, collaborative structure where users or groups can only see or do what you want


BIM Manager: Experience a cooperative work atmosphere for quicker project delivery. This internet based solution allows project groups to simply access, edit and revise models, providing a whole image of the project. Currently user are often assured that they’re performing from one single source for all their model data so their groups will complete projects quicker and a more efficiently, from project origination to decommissioning.


Some benefits are:


  • Collaborative work environment with a single and common place to collect, store, share and manage models

  • Faster project delivery

  • Reduce cost thanks to more consistent data capture and reporting

  • Reduce risk with tools to identify and resolve issues

  • Increase transparency and visibility across stakeholders

  • Easy client handover at the end of a project


Some additional features of Viewpoint For Projects are:


Mobility: Rely on Viewpoint for projects to enhance project controls and data capture for higher safety, quality and defect management. Mobile capabilities enable project groups on job sites to quickly and simply record and capture information, share and manage document, track the progress on projects and many others.


Flexibility and Security: This extremely configurable and secure resolution is meant to form collaborating easier with less administration needed. As it is web-based, there is no software to install and not expensive or specific IT infrastructure to shop for. All business-critical applications may be deployed in a cost efficient, scalable, secure and risk-reducing manner. Versatile security model makes it simple to make a collaborative structure whereas providing the full control.


Some benefits are:


  • Quickly download and upload documents with the Explorer add-in

  • Easily streamline and track information with the Outlook add-in

  • Robust search options ensure to find what you need

  • Quickly deliver models, drawings and schedules in a single process using a variety of file formats to make publishing simpler than ever

  • Flexible security model makes it easy to create a collaborative structure while giving you complete control


Government and Infrastructure, Construction, Energy and Resources Industries are benefited by Viewpoint For Projects. It helps owners and operators, commercial developers, contractors, architects and engineers, and facility managers to their fields.



Viewpoint For Projects
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