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The construction & design of a building is greatly streamlined with Augmented Reality Technology

Now economical mobile devices and updated software applications finally able to bring the professionalís BIM models to life on the job site.


AEC experts are taking help from Augment Reality Application to construct and design in an efficient manner. Given below some of the immense benefits which we get from a augment reality technology:


Business development: 3D models are best for communicating the vision of a construction project. Now this technology is used in construction to produce the digital representation of the structure. Prospective buyer can get a 3d view of the building prior to the construction of the building in jobsite. So it leads to better business.


Design visualization at all phases: When the construction of the building is in-progress , the design can be visualized earlier in construction phase. So any error in the design process, can be easily rectified.


Survey and layout: The strong case for augmented reality is surveying the real world to gather data and put into a virtual model or doing layout with survey tools.


Design analysis: With the help of AR a construction team can virtually analysis (seismic analysis, acoustic performance and structural modelling etc.) the project on screen Ė hypothetically can be performed in the physical site.


Design assistance and constructability review: Perform constructability review in situ during construction, with both the architect and contractor standing in the equal space bring huge potential for improved communication and confidence, which will also save cost and huge time.


Scheduling and site logistics planning: Augmented Reality can be used to help visualize project site logistics on complex projects by extending 4D scheduling tools to the project site, enabling a real time look of present status of a construction compared to the planned progress while team members are at the construction site.


Prefabrication: Now expert professional are looking at AR to support prefabrication inside a construction. The AR technology facilitates the customers with the capability to customize their prefabricated home interiors, even as preserving the design of the exterior structure.


General fabrication installation: Construction firms now use AR to help setting up a building component into place. It can support the installation attempt by augmenting the workerís view with particular assembly instructions, specifications and relevant quality.


Quality control, punch lists, and inspections: When any official doing an inspection or checking construction, quality control is an easy entry point into AR for many construction organization. As an example, being able to overlay the BIM model of what was designed against what is actually in site shows huge benefits for project team and an inspector can make sure all the sleeves are in the right location before completing formwork for a shear wall.



Safety: AR ensures to do spatial safety audits. Critical information could be focused in an AR view so that all construction related person are aware of problem and find solution on jobsite.


Commissioning: Through AR professional can overlay metadata onto the property in the facility and extend what has appeared during inspections. Without having to search through reports and logs to find or enter a specific point of information, agent can have the relevant information about building assets in context.


Facility operations and maintenance: With AR technology, BIM model provides an accurate description of actual construction and helps the professional to have a look behind walls, above ceilings and below floors without touching the area. A facility engineer could get an idea of location where building systems exist without deadly demolition and inspecting.



construction & design of a building is greatly streamlined with Augmented Reality Technology
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