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GRAPHISOFT adds Generative Design with Rhino-Grasshopper Connection

GRAPHISOFT recently introduced a public beta version of a new Rhino-Grasshopper-ARCHICAD connection. GRAPHISOFT is one amongst the leading developers of building information modelling (BIM) software package for architects and designers. This new bonding is supposed to fill a gap within the design method between early-stage design and BIM.


The software Rhino, widely used for industrial design, permits free-form modelling at any level of size and complicatedness.


Grasshopper may be a graphical algorithm editor that’s completely integrated with Rhino’s 3D modelling tools. Using Grasshopper, designers will build type generators with very little or no programming skills.


ARCHICAD version 1, in 1984, was the industry’s 1st BIM software system for architects, and it continues to possess a significant presence within the business.


GRAPHISOFT’s new bidirectional “real-time” connection is claimed to be associate industry 1st moreover. The Rhino-Grasshopper-ARCHICAD alliance lets architects and designers use Grasshopper’s algorithmic design tool with ARCHICAD BIM software system using a unique reiterative design process.


This design advancement stands out into its ability to assist the user simply explore an oversized variety of design variations. The user will produce and fine-tune building details using algorithms while not having to manually iterate and exchange files.


GRAPHISOFT adds Generative Design with Rhino-Grasshopper Connection
Picture Courtesy: GRAPHISOFT


The new association capitalizes on the present link between Rhino and Grasshopper. The tool includes many new options that higher integrate ARCHICAD with the other two applications.


New import and export tools let ARCHICAD scan Rhino’s native 3DM format. This way, the user will generate “reference model” workflow between the 2 applications using Rhino’s 3DM format. Model transfer between Rhino and ARCHICAD is also simplified. The geometry of an ARCHICAD model can often stirred to Rhino. Rhino-created models are often imported into ARCHICAD.




The new tool additionally mechanically converts Rhino and Grasshopper-constructed geometries into BIM construction parts using Grasshopper’s interface. This live connection will apply the visual algorithm editing of Grasshopper to ARCHICAD construction parts.


Whereas BIM is generally not helpful till building parts are assembled, the Rhino-Grasshopper-ARCHICAD association lets users have the benefit of BIM at an earlier design stage. By using the connection, BIM will be used before building parts are differentiated. The new tool integrates the standard designed method with a computational design approach. With this, GRAPHISOFT hopes to form BIM a lot of versatile design tool for architects..


GRAPHISOFT adds Generative Design with Rhino-Grasshopper Connection
Picture Courtesy: GRAPHISOFT