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BIM Standardisation - Mechanical Contractors Forge Ahead


As use of BIM (Building info Modelling) on construction projects in Australia continues to developed, the nationís air-con (Air Conditioning) and mechanical contracting industry is shaping ahead with efforts to form a framework to drive potency within the building process by operating toward a national template that is predicted to deliver a standardized path within which materials and machinery are outlined in BIM .



Now effectiveness gains from use of BIM on building and infrastructure projects are being held back by the fragmented nature of BIM development. This development will mostly be put down to a lack of interoperability and standardisation with reference to info concerning how individual building materials or equipment is displayed on a laptop/computer or tablet screen when using BIM software. Over past few years AMCA (Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractorsí Association) has been working on an industry-wide template and content platform which will deliver a more rigorous and trusted way of standardising how ďBIM objectsĒ are defined.


BIM-MEPAUS can address a current space of frustration whereby contractors are forced to manage completely different consultants who each uses their own BIM models that donít essentially outline building materials or equipment within the same method.


Now ACMCA has tools that are getting enabled to permit consultants, head contractors and specialist building services contractors to use and exchange data regarding how user can define a piece of equipment in a standardised way. The next step of invention will be to align standards and specifications to bring about greater efficiency and permit data to be exchanged more readily. Now everyone has an interest in the success of the industry so everyone has an integral role within the workflow.


Greater responsibility and potency through standardisation of the method material and equipment are outlined using BIM can benefit all stakeholders, including builders and manufacturers who are able to bid for work with higher level of confidence surrounding what they can deliver.


The standardisation BIM-MEPAUS generates goes to assist everything be delivered more efficiently and on time. From this a manufacturer or builder will be more certain about their bids for projects and are able to go out and win more business opportunity because they can be more selective of what they quote and raise their confidence to got the job.




BIM Standardisation - Mechanical Contractors Forge Ahead
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